To Love and Serve the Lord

This one-day Workshop TO LOVE AND SERVE THE LORD will:


  • give you tools to enable you to invite, include and involve all the members of your parish community in the mission of the Church.
  • introduce you to practical ways in which all parish leaders can recruit, support and reward tll those who volunteer to serve the Lord at different times and stages in their lives.
  • introduce principles and practice of effective volunteer management evident in voluntary organisations and "translates" them into practical strategies and processes for parishes and other Christian orgnisations today.


All of the strategies included in the workshop are based on prayer, Scripture and Church teaching and will enable leaders to be confident when praying, sharing and working with volunteers.


The workshop introduces 6 steps that will make a difference to those who actively participate in the life and work of their parish.


Step 1 - The Theology and Context for Participation in Parishes

Step 2 - Recruiting Volunteers

Step 3 - Training and Supporting Volunteers

Step 4 - Affirming and Rewarding Volunteers

Step 5 - Developing the Culture of Participation

Step 6 - Mentoring New Leaders


"The particular way in which the Spirit is given is for a good purpose"

1 Corinthians 12:7

Go in peace to love and serve the Lord

With these words we are sent to make a difference in the world, proclaim the Good News, to enable people to recognise Christ, to be the message of faith, hope and love to all we meet and in all we strive to do.


This To Love and Serve the Lord Workshop:

  • will help to enable people to know, love and serve God and have fullness of life in the Spirit.


  • is for anyone who is responsible for any aspect of parish life. For Clergy, Wardens, Deacons, Lay Leaders who wish to engage more of their congregations in the wonderful variety of events and activities in their parish and in serving the wider community.